why should she want this distant
me who cannot begin to please her
to appease her so longing needs
with more than mere teasing talk

when intransigent time mimes
quite timid the tarnished tales
of adoring lovers, why should
most beautiful she so patient abide

what could i possibly offer her
that is worth the woeful waiting,
what could she ever see in me
that justifies this unjust baiting

except that this dreadful distance
in no way scornful diminishes
the deep delight I feel every time
I hear her playful loving voice

these miles so baleful and drear
breed nothing but endearing hope
that I will see her, touch her again,
her sweet tender lips with mine caress

a chance to feel her hands on my chest,
to kiss her bare and beautiful breasts,
to breathe most beastly and bold
into the naked fold of her neck:

i love you, i love you, i love you

Salt Lake City 02 June 2022


How very convenient this distance—
because of matters in your life
you find me appalling
and because of issues with myself
I happen to agree.

Little else need be said, certainly
beyond the barest niceties
that swathe our days in ways
of civility, enabling time to pass
with slightly less suffering.

Except that here and now
this me still breathes as beads
of angry sweat cloud my brow
and my skin shivers with fear
of a life unchanged.

The sky is bluer this day
than I have seen for so long,
and if I could, I would gladly
reach up and pull it down
as a gentle warming shroud.

the sun and the moon

it is not the fiery sun
that rudely hastens the moon
from her heavenly domain

see you how she flees
quite of her own accord
timid of his touch

suspicious she wanders
frightened by his desire
wary of his embrace

until his journey done
he sinks below the horizon
that she may reclaim her throne

yet just beyond her sight
he burns in longing for her
and curses his seething soul

how little she knows
of the passion in his heart
sworn to hers forever more

and in the dawn that greets him
how swiftly he rises to his need
searching the heavens for her

just her

his one true love

Salt Lake City 20 Feb 2013

voice in the distance

when first i heard
the voice in the distance
i felt the edges of time
drawing swiftly near

my veinèd hand trembled
as if my very heart
had been exposed at once
to the light of the moon

and each heavenly star
swaying above sang sweetly
a chorus composing
the truest harmony

the walls encircling me
abandoned their pretence
and revealed a lush garden
of lilac and sycamore

and through the verdant trees
the flute and the whistle
beckoned the eager fiddle
to join in the dance

when first i heard
the voice in the distance
i knew my timid life
would never be the same


Salt Lake City 28 Jan 2013