my heavenly love

my eyes trace the sky’s silently
settling over the careless ridge
of the range of these mountains
that massively surround me

and i wonder: do the mountains
rise up to the sky or do the heavens
descend to rest so precariously
along this unevenly spiny ridge

the pharaohs unquestioningly knew
the starry mother of mighty Osiris
draped her body over earthen Geb
eager to caress every inch of him

and so too do i envision you, my love,
teasing tempting above my repose
as I long for you to craving cover me
with your arms, your legs, your lips

kissing awake every inch of my flesh
drawing my heated hardening need
to push flowing moaningly within,
filling you deeply with more than

just my naked desire

Salt Lake City 10 June 2022

From the Funerary Papyrus of Tameni, depicting the earth god Geb and the sky goddess Nut. Egypt. (c. 1069-525 BCE). (Courtesy of the British Museum)


[WARNING: some sexually explicit content]

The lessons of the morning were done, and William closed his computer and looked around the kitchen, contemplating breakfast. Which would have normally followed such an early morning of online teaching, the smells of freshly baked tarts or sausage rolls – and at the very least, the brewing coffee – drawing Tahlia from their bed to join him at the table before he had even managed to finish preparing their meal.  Just the thought of her wandering into the kitchen, eyes half shut, hair delightfully wild, her mouth sweetly grinning as she approached him for a kiss touched his heart and brought a heavy sigh from his chest.  As he remembered that she was not there, but across the country, attending to her business.

“I miss you,” he muttered into the silence.

Yawning, he turned his back on breakfast and walked into the living room.  He sat on the edge of the couch and looked at his phone.  Not quite 9:00 AM.  It would be a couple of hours yet before he had to prepare for his classes at the college.  He wondered if Tahlia were awake yet, wanting so much to hear her voice, but knowing that, as busy as she had been with her work, he should leave her to sleep.

“She’ll need it,” he said to no one.  “Busy day ahead.  Could use some more sleep myself.”

Then he looked around, thinking, ‘Why not?’  So he stood up, pulled open the couch into a full-sized bed, and laid down, scrunching the small pillow beneath his head.  He yawned again and closed his eyes – and saw her.  That smile of hers that he adored and missed so much when she was away.  Her laughter, so infectious, spreading across his heart, imparting a sense of wholeness and joy he had never known before meeting her.

And her hands, her touch, the way her fingers felt tracing his flesh as her lips brushed his and her tongue entered his mouth, teasing a moan from deep inside him.  Lying there now, he could taste her kisses and feel her hand sliding down his body until it wrapped at last around his hardening cock.  His back arched as his breath grew more shallow and he began to suck on her tongue, which she slid back and forth into his mouth matching the pace of her hand stroking him up and down.

He’d never known a lover so passionately to perceive or so completely to please the needs of his body.  He adored her.  He needed her.  Her touch, her kiss was the very spark of life that ignited his desires and his intense longing to bring her the same pleasure she had brought him.  And it was with this thought that sleep at last claimed him.  At least for a time.  Until memories became dreams streaming across his thoughts, his mind, his flesh.

He seemed to be reliving their first night together – their kisses blissfully drawing them both out of any shyness, any uncertainty they might have felt.  He felt again the eager union of their lips, the lingering teasing tips of their tongues tracing mouths, laced with a desire that simply overwhelmed him and left him wanting more and more of her.  And when finally he knelt between her legs and entered her, it was as if all feeling – throughout his body – had focused on that perfect movement, pushing in and out, slowly, slowly going deeper, feeling how tightly she held him, how she squeezed his cock.

But at that moment, so enthralled by his dream, he suddenly became aware of something else.  A different movement.  And yet a so familiar taste as something soft and warm brushed across his lips, which he slowly opened, allowing his tongue to seek forward, licking excitedly the folds of flesh that pressed against his mouth.  In his dream, he had been fucking her.  What then was this – this glorious taste, the wetly wandering lips brushing, pushing against his own lips, against his opening mouth?

He moaned louder now, and the sound itself seemed to drag him out of his dreams. But these other lips were still pressed against his mouth.  His tongue licked back and forth against them, snaking between them, entering her with such compelling need.  He opened his eyes and greedily took in the view of her crouching of his face, her skirt hiked up, panties gone.  She must have come home early, come in while he was sleeping, seen him there and wanted him as much as he had needed her.  And now she was here, above him, pushing her pussy against his mouth, her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of his tongue inside her.  And seeing her pleasure, he grew more fervent, reaching up to grab her hips and pull her firmly down ever harder on his face, as if guiding her, urging her to fuck his mouth.

Across his lips she slid, slowly at first, timidly, but then with greater insistence and longer strides, as his tongue licked upwards across her lips to her clit, and then down again, between her lips and even further down until it slid into her ass, and she moaned even louder with the surprise of this other penetration.  He held her there for a moment longer, sliding in and out of her, until she lowered her pussy lips over his mouth once again.  Reaching down, she grabbed his hands to steady her as she began thrusting herself against him.  He squirmed excitedly and pushed his tongue in as deeply as he could, exploring her, sucking on her, relishing every taste of her, wishing he could feel her dripping into his mouth, drinking in her delicious wetness.

When she came, her body trembled, her breath caught, and her hands squeezed his with such intensity.  When she allowed herself to breathe again, she pulled slowly away, still trembling somewhat, as she slid down his body to lay against him, her head on his chest.  He licked the moistness from his lips and swallowed with pleasure as he held her against him, felt her heartbeat slow, listened to his own slowly matching hers.  She snuggled tighter along his length, her bare legs over his, and he gently stroked her hair and dared the perfect silence to break by whispering, “Welcome home, my love.”

affirmed in you

I have discovered so much in you,
have been discovered by you in ways
that my days have never known
as my spirit soars enraptured.

Within most ardent dreams
a joyful song we now compose
of me and you perpetually
prizing sighs so keenly felt.

I delight in the sweet melody
of your flesh, your breasts,
hungrily submitting myself
to your avid enchanting touch.

Come breath with me sultry
as my hands your legs part and
my tongue your essence tastes,
lapping at your hidden warmth.

Your voice vivid purring prays
my flesh impatient and firm
to channel your pulsing rhythms
implanting impassioned me into you.

The wetness of your moans chants
me whole as soulful and swelling
melding I with your rising and falling
my hands your hips sweating seize,

to please your darkened fervent lips
while whispering red across your
luminous skin solicitous I tremble
teasing acquisitive your longing.

Boldly do I stare into your eyes
exploring the depths of your pleasure,
imploring your heart so expressive
to envision enflamed this union.

In loving you
am I inspired beyond words.
In loving you
am I quite endlessly affirmed.

Salt Lake City 06 June 2022

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

in her arms

She lay there beneath me
sighing the night’s graces
with shallow breaths that
melted my finest intent,
desiring only to delight so
magnificent this woman
clinging to my thrusting hips
singing soulfully her pleasure
as measure by measure she
pulled me deeper within
even as she rose up to meet me.

I was enthralled by her flesh
enveloping the length of me
compelling so very tightly
me to pulsing push firmly
within, withholding nothing
from her guiding hands or
her so passionate embrace,
as her lips whispered longings
and her tongue eager explored
my mouth, moving me to moan
from the delicious taste of her.

I have pleasure known in my life,
yet never had I felt so adored
and whole as I did those nights
rapturous in the arms of my love.

Salt Lake City 04 June 2022

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pixabay

beside you

The sky seems somehow darker than usual,
the stars more timid, even the moon shyly
hiding behind conveniently amassing clouds.

I sit here staring at mere images of you,
depictions of you that hardly dare to convey
the wondrous beauty I ever see in your eyes.

I silent abide, hearing your vibrant voice echo
playfully in my thoughts, gayly gathering
timbres of most lustrous and luscious tones.

And I cannot help but recognize the truth
that this moment imparts with utter precision
as visions of you enchant my very soul:

that I do not – could not – ever wish for
even a single day without you, without
your passionate touch, your endearing smile.

So sleep, my love, beneath this darkling sky,
beneath this timorous moon, these modest stars
and know that however far from me you rest,

my heart is always beside you.

Salt Lake City 03 June 2022


why should she want this distant
me who cannot begin to please her
to appease her so longing needs
with more than mere teasing talk

when intransigent time mimes
quite timid the tarnished tales
of adoring lovers, why should
most beautiful she so patient abide

what could i possibly offer her
that is worth the woeful waiting,
what could she ever see in me
that justifies this unjust baiting

except that this dreadful distance
in no way scornful diminishes
the deep delight I feel every time
I hear her playful loving voice

these miles so baleful and drear
breed nothing but endearing hope
that I will see her, touch her again,
her sweet tender lips with mine caress

a chance to feel her hands on my chest,
to kiss her bare and beautiful breasts,
to breathe most beastly and bold
into the naked fold of her neck:

i love you, i love you, i love you

Salt Lake City 02 June 2022


cannot a night
more perfectly passionate imagine

beyond measure
have immemorable passed

this one night
so lucid and vibrant remains, as

strains of love
embraced enlacing we two, while

do step by step
my spirit wholesome hail, so

let not this time
our quite unintended desire fail

I plead our fair
and much deserving hearts

and so keenly
accorded, enamored and yes

quite quite smitten

Salt Lake City 31 May 2022

Image by Vic_B on Pixabay

when words fail

These words are my life-long labor—
my most finely-tempered tools
expressing me in the only way
I have ever truly known myself
to wittingly and willingly be.

And yet there have been times
when even they have failed me,
leaving uningenious me struggling
to freely convey the necessary ideas
of a most needful moment in time.

But not this. No, not with you.

For there too are times when words
are utterly and unashamedly feeble
bleeding over pages balefully aware
that no care, no leveraging can express
what truly needs to be said. To you.

For when your body lay before me
glorious and glowingly golden,
your breasts rising and falling,
your flesh flowering beneath my touch,
your legs spreading timidly beneath me,

the only words that mattered—
the only language most eagerly I
could derive from any aspect of me
was the devotion keenly conceived
along the warmest form of my tongue,

tracing the length of your nether lips,
teasing the hooded hallowed bud
of your delicious hardening clit
as your anxious breath escaped
in quietly toned gasps of pleasure.

When words fail, my beautiful love,
this is how I express my adoration
for you.

Salt Lake City 30 May 2022

Image by “press 👍 and ⭐” from Pixabay

to you

My thoughts return ever
and ever, my love, to you.

I wander within these walls
that yet so unwelcome remain
as I minister meticulously
to the most minor of needs
pleading quietly for your presence,
seeding my days with thoughts
of you.

There is a fertility in solitude,
your so unforgettable absence
birthing mirthful imaginings
as ever hopeful I loving long
for the passionate touch of you,
for the so much desired taste
of you.

I clinging carefully crave
the bravest kiss from your lips,
your eager breath caressing
my trembling flesh, your hands
urgingly pulling me closer,
deeper within the wet warmth
of you.

These days pass as they must
bustling with activities that
needfully must my attention
engage and while I my share
of pleasure and pain attain
it is most certainly true that

my thoughts return ever
and ever, my love, to you.

Salt Lake City 25 May 2022


I am an English teacher.
It is difficult for me to imagine
an exchange of ideas, however simple
that does not involve me in some degree of
self assessment.

Am I saying this correctly?
Have I sufficiently elaborated
my sagacious thoughts to such an extent
that I am not only understood but respected?
And perhaps loved?

‘You don’t have to be on
all the bloody time,’ I have heard
as incessant baleful words pound against
the doors of my imagination, lashing my mind
to a cracked wheel.

Yet feel I most certainly,
most intimately do, imbuing
each moment with so much more
than my porous thoughts spilling silently
banal tokens of nothing.


for she welcomes me,
this wholly unstructured me
so freely easily exploring the beauty,
the wonderful wit, the overwhelming charm of
brilliantly smiling her.

And in so doing am I
unassessed and unassessing,
unencumbered, unpretentious
praising her in the most honest voice
that has ever emerged

from this
so happy me.

Salt Lake City 23 May 2022