memories of you

You are far from me now
though I once held you near,
yet in every autumn breeze
‘tis your voice I do hear.

The tips of these fingers
still feel your fine skin,
these eyes hold the vision
of the elegance you were in.

This heart echoes the beat
of potent passion’s embrace,
my thoughts reflect the beauty
that resides e’er in your face.

Every dear memory of you
sure enhances my love,
this enduring desire entrances
envious the fairies above.

No day could diminish
nor year could ever erase,
the light from your soul
the smile from your face.

Even as the heavens call me
to some far distant shore,
I would plead to be with you
for just one moment more.


without her

in her absence
i so often my thoughts explore
imploring my heart a peace to find
instructing my mind a focus to pursue

but beyond that
this empty space around me
quite compels me to feeling reach
for her again and again grasping at air

this coldly flesh
pressing eagerly her to touch
fumbling for her beneath sheets
tossing and turning night after night

my blood burns
yearning to thrust hard within
pinning her body below my need
feeding lustful my hunger for her

yet needing still
to fulfill her every desiring
inspiring her with richest pleasure
measured inch by inch along her skin

may she know
beyond doubting how clever
she enchants my body and soul
with hope and ever heartful longing

and this as well,
beloved, know that this me
sings keeningly such love for you
that the moon herself a jealous shade

coloring coldly, warmly wraps
our love around her core

Salt Lake City 05 Aug 2022

sweetly ever you

It is so sweetly appealing
how insistently she denies
what is to me undeniable:
how beautiful she is!

Acclaim as you will the thrilling
beauty filling your eyes
from any vantage point
across this vast globe.

Paint your praises over
falls and halls and hallowed
ground abounding with myth
and legendary fame.

But never will you find
in filial devotion or motioned
distraction, scaling skyward
heights or floating aloft,

nothing that can compare
with the inescapable charm
and the ever warmly imploring
loveliness that I see every day

when my sweet love
smiles my way.

Salt Lake City 04 July 2022

listening to you

It amazes me how defiantly
this life craves my attention,
how when all is needfully said,
why should I yet attached be?

I have known and mourned
lives far better than my own,
so much more deserving
as gently they nurtured hope.

And with each their passing
I prowled through sorrow,
a petty persistent growl
howling across the distance.

Another day, another year
as time selfishly scratched
across my aching skin scanning
the angry scaly days to come.

Then why me? Why should now
this dancing, this boldly enhancing
love so deeply me enchanting
inspire my heart to adoration?

How have I deserved this joy?

I long for the noisy distance to end,
for time to bid sweet reprieve,
to hold, be held, be known—
and to discover how it feels

to hear you with my soul.

Salt Lake City 03 July 2022


mo ghràidh, in loving you as I do
I feel the wholesome warmth
of the gentlest autumn sun
bathing my face in felicity

when you touch me, eager waves
of clarified hope heartfully
spread from your fingertips
caressing my weary limbs

in reaching out for joyful you
I feel the wizened withering gray
of my gaining years failing
fall quite humbled to the earth

facsimiles of mundane being
beadingly clinging desperately
to my skin begin to peel away
while rays of healing surround me

when you hold me, my sweet love
I know at last the touch of truth
and the passionate embrace
of glorious Brìghde ascendent

Salt Lake City 03 July 2022

whispers of love

When I bend over your breast,
I hear your heart chanting,
panting a rhythm that reels
my feeling soul forth to dance
and dreamily desire deliciously
beautiful you, my sweet love.

Your heart wondrous whispers
words that an honest soul perceives,
preciously painting my thoughts
with willows wandering the heavens,
filling my soul with questions of when,
while lilies linger worshipping you.

“I am yours,” I breath across your skin
as enchanted I tickling trace your lips.
“All of me,” I sigh into your loving soul
composing colors in tones never seen:
“your neck, your cheeks, your lips,”
I enumerate, covering each with my mouth.

“Even the melting eternity of your eyes,”
I hum, touching on a moment’s mystery,
richly rising above this beguiling history
while my hands caress the gentlest swell
of your breasts, suckling them hungrily,
listening to the beating of your bold heart.

“I wish forever to explore you,” I murmur
while my spirit sings joyfully your name,
adoring your flesh, your body, your soul,
and still I appeal for ever more of you.
“Forever it is then,” you knowingly assent,
your hand coming to rest over my heart.

“This be mine then and mine be yours,” you vow
as the moon whispers delicately of love.

Salt Lake City 29 Jun 2022


ephemeral, vague, transient, lost—
but no, so far from it, so very
distinct from cliché descriptions

no, my memories of you, of us
are so far removed from fleeting
depictions of routine conveyance

making love to you, hovering
over warmly opening offering you,
pulsing deeply within embracing you

I treasure them all, every eagerly
living breathing memory of us
trusting always and forever in this

that I love you and you love me
and the days to come are ours
to discover together

Salt Lake City 27 June 2022

ride me

bless me, equine Epona,
fairest divinity, Rhiannon,
goddess of the fairy fields
and of tender fertile glances,

make of me a stallion strong
straining at the brittle bit
fleshly nipping here and there,
baring myself, my soul to her

ride me, luaidh mo chèile,
ride this rigid striding beast,
your eager thighs clinging
to my proud flexing flanks

ride me delicious delighting
while your locks descending
veil your lips, as my mane
brushes the tips of your breasts

hold me, your hips pounding me
never concealing, this me pulsing
between your grasping legs
your fleshly pleasure begs

of you ever rising, flying hard
o’er Highlands sacred, past
Gleann Fhionnain to Loch Shiel
where ye weary rest at last

into the water ye plunge
to cool the hot aching core
of you wholly possessed
your skin now gently caressed

as I most pleased
and panting watch on,
ever eager for more

Salt Lake City 23 June 2022

Image by Pierre-André Doriot from Pixabay

before there was song

if ever there was a time before song
then still I am sure was the land
filled with singers ringing their hearts
for want of just the right words
to express the truths they held dear
or the fears born of darkly silence

how maddening the unspoken tones
tearfully tearing at their sighing souls,
the mourning melancholy when folly
begets loss and limits salvation’s hope,
but much more than this: how dreadful
to love yet lack the lyrics to sing!

i am no artist, yet can in clinging feel
the beating of this heart, and thus reveal
through Brighid’s profoundly mystical
inspiration, paving the way for tales
of sensual abandon and honest desires,
and verses that simply vowing explore

more adoringly the fullest warmth
and gentlest beauty of my beloved
that naturally rises beyond any song
ever sung by the fair finest of men

Salt Lake City 21 June 2022

the music of you

there has never been
a time in my life
when music could not
teach my listing lips
to hopefully smile
or my tired eyes
to fill with the tears
that longing sheds

and yet

i have never known
a more beautiful
song than the words
that you earnest speak
to this simplest me,
no music more lovely
than the very sound
of your vibrant voice

i suspect

you could not believe
this to be more
than mere romantic
rumination, me musing
on alluringly limpid
colors, textures, tones
that idealize more
than realizingly see

but i know

and in knowing feel
and in feeling, i am
so joyfully devoted,
my love, to you

Salt Lake City 20 June 2022