moments sae pure

afore there were promise and sang
afore wintry nights had grown lang
afore our guests frae afar did thrang
there were cumbria’s brawest dales
just afore we twa were wed, m’eudail
just as our passions had led
afore our vows sae true were said
we traveled through love’s sweetest tales
’twere ye and the grass and the trees
and there i quickly fell tae my knees
this image tae capture with ease
yet i still had nae seen full well
no, not the blush in yer cheek
nor the joy that ye surely did seek
my soul being ever too mild, too meek
the clearest of truths tae tell
when i rose and finally drew near
yer sweet gentle voice tae hear
expecting naught but great cheer
i saw then the tears in yer eyes
oh how could i but trace, then
in this most idyllic place
the tears that slid doon yer face
abuin derwent water serene
how could i then have known
all the mysteries yet tae be shown
despite how close we had grown
my beauteous, my wondrous queen
there are moments aye sae pure
beyond all the pain we endure
which in sharing might yet ensure
that love maun ne’er gae agley
in keswisk we wandered and played
o’er knowes and glens we strayed
yet for a moment on that hill we stayed
as i kissed yer tears away

2015.05.23 Keswick 022

Laya above Derwent Water in Keswick, England