your colors

A mist shrouds this ancient land
as the gloaming grays the skies in
ashen pink hues that stubbornly refuse
to reveal all that I know must be there.

Where are the gossamer threads
of light glancing gleeful off the water?
Where the playfully sauntering greens
that grin from each layering leaf?

But the richest colors I have ever known
silken sweep across your cheeks,
descending deftly down your hair
like the wondrous warm russet of dawn,

the ever rising intimacy of the sun’s
first light before which even the gods—
curating creators of all we behold—
humbly bow in worshipful obeisance.

Renklerin (Your Colors)

[NOTE: Sometimes a verse comes in a language of its own choosing. But I wanted this one to be understood in English as well. It was important to me. So the translation is below.]

bütün renkler aniden kırılırsa
beni hâlâ seslenebilir misin

tüm tonlarım gündüz gece
sesinin derinliğinden yükselir

çağrın beni bulmadan önce
boş bir düşünce gibi geçti

boya beni sözlerinle dokularımı
boya işte arzularımı ve izin ver

(if all the colors were suddenly to crack
would you still be able to speak me
my love

day and night arise all my tones
from the depths of your voice

before your call had found me
like an empty thought had passed
my life

paint me, my textures, with your words
color thus my longings and permit me
to live)

Salt Lake City 22 May 2012

A mosaic from Aizanoi, Turkey (1992)