It’s Christmas time, Mum

It is Christmas time again
and I cannot help
but think of you, Mum
and how intensely feeling
you always were
not only at this time of year
but all the year through.

There was no time—
there was no day
not a single one
when you did not make
all our lives more beautiful
with the honest most innocent
love that you always shared.

I wish I could do the same
for my family now,
for my beautiful wife
and our lovely children,
but my efforts pale
compared to the joy
you managed to evoke.

There was just something
in you, something
so pure and kind,
a gentle feeling heart
that is so hard to find
these days when so many
are only concerned with the me.

It was simply magical
what you did for us, Mum.
I am 56 years old now
and I still ache at the memory
of you smiling kindly,
cradling us, humming to us,
making Christmas sparkle.

I miss you still, Mum.
And I know
that I always will.