to laugh once more

such tiny toes tickling at my heart
her smile at once innocent and true
and affirming each moment of play
beside her mischievous big brother
who longs to discover one more thing
that will make her laugh yet again
and again

there is a dynamic in every we—
a means of managing the want and need
without bowing to the extraneous
voices that ever demand our skins
compelling a sit and a think and
a banal effort to clean this, fold that,
stand straight

to be again so very young and whole
reaching for each moment in time
with such passion, such adoration
such lack of petty prevarication
is to overthrow the reserved dynamic
and to laugh once more with the abandon
of a child

My weans–Leona and Cooper–at play.

remembering fear

i still remember a horse
as massive as a house
and how my legs shivered
clutching at its dusty sides
begging to come down
oh please, god, please
just let me come down

i remember how they stared
how they laughed at my timidity
at the absurdity of fear
in a land of leathery skin
but even as a child i knew
that there was something fierce
something unbelievably urgent
about trembling flesh

and days that wandered into night
without a hint of morning

Ellington.George (1969.07) Virginia.with Big Earl.01