branwen’s lament

why speak you of love, Matholwch?
i have seen enough to know
how seasonally love flows
in conspicuous patterns
affections like spring rains
showering hearts with hope
fervently avowing adoration

until the heat of summer arise
and passion’s needful cries
fall slowly ineluctably still
like a once coursing copious
stream dessicating down
to a woefully empty bed
such is love’s fair favor

inceptually avid flowing
insistently ever changing
greedily growing lapping
at the most tantalizing
and trickling nuances
of your overly ambitious
most royally malicious heart

2013.05.30 Virginia.Rappahannock 007


Think you yet that I these bare verses do compose
whilst nearly swooning ‘neath sensuous sheets?
Nay, there is more of matter than of mischief in this
for one with eyes that yet may see beyond the dawn.

That which I do crave and fully acknowledge so
proceeds not from this common venial appetite,
from mere earthly desire to know thy earthy flesh
which tantalizes and torments this monkish brute.

I have yet a heart, you must know, which rises still
beyond the petty bounds of Eros inspired cupidity,
striving for that which cannot be so easily silenced
as seems your oft frigid companionship to achieve.

I am a man and capable at least of just so much
affection and need as any clinging barefaced lout
whose approaches you have so wantonly welcomed
bedded within the folds of your dismissive lust.

Enough of this game, most malicious mistress.
Be shut of me and I of you, and so enshrouded
in the malignant darkness that hastens between us
may I at last discover that elusive peace I do seek.

(Salt Lake City 28 Apr 2012)