not for me

this space is not for me
not for the skin that clothes me
nor for the hungry soul that sustains me

every leaf colorful fallen
from every thinning tree about me
could easily inhabit this empty space

the manifest destinies
of myriad multitudes could adorn
these walls like tinctured tapestries

each beating heart in Tunis
would crow in absolute abandon
at the enormity of this eager world

and yet were I to shrivel
coldly cowering in the narrowest
corner, still this space were not for me

my love and the sea

how trembling this reflection now
as i too timid these steps do take
while you lap gently at my flesh

do you recall now how ages past
my breath you did endeavor to steal,
the beating of my heart to cease?

yet i survived and did return to you
your so sensual favors to court
and somehow earn your affections

you have been a home to me
a sanctuary from that all too concrete
world of lurid and angry ambition

when embryonic you did cradle me
in my youth you did enslave me
and fully grown you did my soul caress

why now then do you look upon me
as one whose like you have never beheld
a stranger whose touch means nothing?

ah yes, i see, grasping at long last
the message you so oft sought to convey
to a soul too lethargic to comprehend

i do not belong here, do i, not here–
in your reflections i do a world perceive
far from here, far from now and this

and you have wisely known all along
while i was too blind to see such truth
too crass such wonders to sense

i do not belong to this time this place,
but a land there is indeed and there
i will at last know our precious home

there i will know this perfect we

Salt Lake City 09 Aug 2012