only you

There is not in this world a place
nor a time defined by the needs of others
that can guide these limbs, these notions
forward quite so remarkably
as does the merest thought of you.

In my deepest heart I cradle yet
every memory of you, so bold
and beautiful beyond any words
that even I could evoke to assist me,
for you are nothing short of exquisite.

I have treasured your playful voice
teasing and taunting me to debate,
your voracious mind consuming
knowledge in a manner undaunted,
daring arrogant truth itself to concede.

Your laughter illuminated the dark
daring me to be more than me, as you
filled the room with such vibrancy
that I had never witnessed before
no matter how far I have traveled.

But at this moment, this bare time
of mine, as the craven cold creeps
into my bones and the sun descends
wearily once more—at this time
what I miss most about my love, you

is the boundless power of your touch
to hold back the darkening tide
and bid mighty Ra himself return
across the heavens with a warmth
that only you could ever command.

İstanbul 21 November 2021

your colors

A mist shrouds this ancient land
as the gloaming grays the skies in
ashen pink hues that stubbornly refuse
to reveal all that I know must be there.

Where are the gossamer threads
of light glancing gleeful off the water?
Where the playfully sauntering greens
that grin from each layering leaf?

But the richest colors I have ever known
silken sweep across your cheeks,
descending deftly down your hair
like the wondrous warm russet of dawn,

the ever rising intimacy of the sun’s
first light before which even the gods—
curating creators of all we behold—
humbly bow in worshipful obeisance.

the beauty of you

With most adoring eyes
and a heart trembling at once
have I marveled at the beauty…

of the sky rending Redwoods
in the mountains above
sunset glowing Santa Cruz,

of the majestically marbled
library of the Ephesians where
scholars debated the cosmos,

of the divinely devoted Duomo
of Firenze, its meticulous panels
of pink and green contemplating God,

of the serene stone symmetry
invoking the voice of eternity
rising to the temple of Miidera at Otsu,

of the darkness dwelling depths
of the Grand Canyon from the
skying heights of a helicopter…

and yet would I always choose,
my one and only unbelieving love,
to hold my gaze forever on you.

to be loved

I have never seen beauty
that glows so richly across skin
like waves of pure light
gossamer glimmering
adorning her face

I have never known warmth
linger so longingly
long after her touch has fled
yet still I feel she is there
always, always there

I have never heard a voice so richly
vibrantly singing songs
like mystical muses
inspiring my own hope
to share in her hymns

I have never wanted more
to be loved than when I spy
that glistening eye falling
deftly gently on my face
in the setting sun

My Moon Resplendent

Brightly lithesome she dances across the sky
my joyful lunar maid, my all
her winsome ways ever appalling the jealous sun
so somber and staid, and she
unwilling to stay his commanded course
playfully japes with a rhyme.

How haughtily he cringes, wincing at her smiles
her lips teasing in mirth
birthing yet another game to play, a song to sing
my jocund jesting one
testing the stodgy sun with each twirling reel
feeling fully alive and sublime.

“Do you know,” I ask, as she passes again
barely glancing down,
“how much I adore you, mo gealach àillidh
my fair fae one on high?”
“Then rise,” she says, treading the night
“and know the truth of time.”

nighean ruadh

it came as no surprise to me then

and yet i delighted in the sight

of you standing beneath the great tree

still gathering sparkles of sunlight

jealously shielded by the canopy above


the sun could not bear to part from you


delighted at your gentle touch

along the bark of this ancient weaver

entwining emeralds in the air about you

bobbing lightly through the shadows

wanting only to be close to you


the finest jewels suffer at your sight


how can i express the joy i felt

seeing you there, your lovely hair

gleefully glancing here waving there

nothing could i even now compare

to the serenity in your face


peace itself bows reverently before you


that moment belonged to you, m’eudail

mind you the music across the park

the pipes had begun to play and all would say

that the melody so fair was like the song

that flows from your sweet lips


music adores thee as well, my love


i will always mind that tree in Hyde Park

and how you glowed even in the shadows

for the truth of your very being is such

that no darkness could ever shroud the beauty

of my beloved nighean ruadh*


2015.05.10 London.Hyde Park 034

* “Nighean ruadh” translates as “red-haired lass”.


in loving you
i feel the warmth
of a gentle autumn sun
bathe my face in longing

eager waves
of clarified hope
spread from your fingertips
caressing my weary limbs

in reaching for you
the withering gray
of my detested failing
falls humbled to the earth

facsimiles of being
clinging desperately
to my skin begin to peel
while healing has at last begun

when you hold me
i know the touch of truth
and the passionate embrace
of glorious ishtar ascendant


uncountable all the more
are the stars of this night
eagerly emerging spreading
over heaven’s ebony dome
assembling like wizened souls
gathering but for a glance
gathering just for the chance
of the blessed sight of you
so very jealous are they
of Ra, the all-seeing sun
who emerges in the east
who disperses the beastly
night so that he too may
witness your beauty
every moment of every
single uncountable day

bòidhchead (“beauty”)

yours is the spirit of spring
that never fails to come

yours is the breath of life
singing the soil to grow

yours is the voice of the trees
whispering peace to the sun

yours is the strength of stones
washed by the purest snow

yours is the truth of May
blessing this verdant earth

yours is the vision of Fall
perceiving these seeds abed

yours is the hope of being
inviting souls to birth

yours is the path of the future
and journeys joyfully led

Salt Lake City 18 Jan 2013