wood knows more of this
than you or surely me
trees stretching on and on
in rooted certainty

yet you deny their voice
hearing often and lone
the steadily clinking sound
of coin on coin on bone

when you have denuded
the soil of our past
assessed the worthy footage
bend one knee at last

and touch the ever


your eyes

gardens blossom in your eyes:
the earth rolls along hills
and forever valleys pregnant
with crisp mountain streams that
trickle and flow and team while
colors dance prancing in your eyes
greenly beguiling my thoughts
painting my desires in silvering blue.
when i look into your eyes—
when i peer across the infinite
horizon of your blues and greens
and gleaming dreams of love
and needful scenes bestowing
space and time and waterfalls
across my every expectant glance—
when i look into your eyes, my love,
my heart trembles with hope

Words fail me in sharing this. Words of scorn and fury and sorrow, knowing as I do that this is true — that the experiences expressed in this verse are true. And that they continue. And that the scars of these violations never ever fade away.

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Susan Daniels Poetry

if my happy is too loud,
splashing yellow-paint sun
across the floor, staining it
anything but sorry

if i wear joy
in plaids with polka-dots
just for the sake
of clashing

will you correct me,
mop up the color
& quiet the noise

or will you smile,
turn up your hands
& join me in this mess
of mud pies

i am making?

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This is just lovely. Thank you, as always, my dear Pawan for sharing such intimate thoughts with us. Thoughts of life and of death. And of the journey that continues on, blossoming perhaps through fertile soil, rooted in tender earth.

Dreams are hardly insubstantial at all. Like this verse, they can be matters of great substance. Nurturing circumspection and, at the very least, admiration for the compelling voice that relates them.

Happy Birthday to Dilek

My fondest birthday wishes today to Dilek. A couple years ago, she and her charming husband Emin and their kids opened their home to us in İzmit, Türkiye. Brought us to a wonderful reunion of their friends. Not to mention, prepared a superb meal for us the night we arrived, a meal that people still salivate over when I show them images. Have a wonderful birthday, Dilek. And my best to Emin and your family.