The Dirt Amends

From the very talented Jay Mora-Shihadeh:

i’ve walked for days this wayward path

loving every minute we are apart

as if the final testament of our depart

will belie the torch carried

in friction and salt.

bones dried ready for mort

buried treasures, your hidden heart

gold ungirthed despite the fault

uncinched, unsettled

from knot to knot

to breathe, to relieve into the winds,

settling the dust,

the dirt amends.


#Audiobook alert! The Sentinel’s Alliance is here in #audio #audible — Suzanne Rogerson Fantasy Author

Click on the cover here to listen to a sample from THE SENTINEL’S ALLIANCE.

Happy weekend. I have the best news to share – the final book in my Silent Sea Chronicles Trilogy is out now! You can see all my audiobooks on Audible US author page and Audible UK author page It’s so exciting to see the whole series out in audiobook and I have to thank the […]

#Audiobook alert! The Sentinel’s Alliance is here in #audio #audible — Suzanne Rogerson Fantasy Author

Dancing Coyote

I don’t believe I have taken the time to publicly promote John Coyote’s writing. His style is so wonderfully personal, anecdotes that convey such a strong, yet gentle feeling for the time and place and memories he shares. True, part of my delight in reading John’s works is how well he evokes in me memories of my time in Salinas, California, just inland from Monterey Bay–all the years I spent in Monterey and Carmel and Seaside, strolling along the beach, playing in Santa Cruz. But even if you’ve never been there, I urge you to read John’s writings. Here is just one beautiful piece from Dancing Coyote: