daring to love

it is not only your incomparable beauty, beloved
outshining the insipid grays and repetitive days
of bare banality that beset such an unclever life
as lingers in the hearts of the sadly forsaken

it is not only the seductive cleverness you evince
in your unpatterned and unpretentious speech,
nor yet the wizened ways your perception conveys
of carefully considered journeys you have taken

it is not only the complete sincerity of your voice
evoking my attention beyond the careless cacophony
of this maddening world whirling around me,
abounding with pointless endeavors below and above

oh of a certain, my darling, all of this matters, too
but at times like this it is in your mildest musings
that feeble I take refuge in daring to adore you,
in daring to believe that even I deserve to find love

Salt Lake City 10 July 2022

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