of you

A peculiarly heavy quiet descends
after you have gone, my love,
and this silently plying cacophony
crassly amasses betwixt the avenues
of a mind that can only think of you.

I would gladly sweep it all away,
delaying this too repetitive task
and that most uninspiring project
for the sake of wandering again
through beloved memories of you.

Thoughts of your so luminous smile
sail across my memory time and
time again, contemplative moments
when the noise of the world fades and
I float in joyful recollection of you.

The warmth of your nurturing soul,
the gentle guileless beauty in your eyes
sighing my spirit wholly, wondrously,
your hands kneading my eager flesh
ferrying hope from the healing touch of you.

Holding you, your back warm against
my chest, my arms stretched around you,
my hand cupping your soft breast,
my lips breathing across your neck
nestling kisses that whisper ever of you.

When the silence descends, I find
forever feathering my thoughts,
these incredibly motioning moments
of elation inspired and soulful singing—
a truly moving narrative, beloved, of you.

Salt Lake City 08 July 2022

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