whispers of love

When I bend over your breast,
I hear your heart chanting,
panting a rhythm that reels
my feeling soul forth to dance
and dreamily desire deliciously
beautiful you, my sweet love.

Your heart wondrous whispers
words that an honest soul perceives,
preciously painting my thoughts
with willows wandering the heavens,
filling my soul with questions of when,
while lilies linger worshipping you.

“I am yours,” I breath across your skin
as enchanted I tickling trace your lips.
“All of me,” I sigh into your loving soul
composing colors in tones never seen:
“your neck, your cheeks, your lips,”
I enumerate, covering each with my mouth.

“Even the melting eternity of your eyes,”
I hum, touching on a moment’s mystery,
richly rising above this beguiling history
while my hands caress the gentlest swell
of your breasts, suckling them hungrily,
listening to the beating of your bold heart.

“I wish forever to explore you,” I murmur
while my spirit sings joyfully your name,
adoring your flesh, your body, your soul,
and still I appeal for ever more of you.
“Forever it is then,” you knowingly assent,
your hand coming to rest over my heart.

“This be mine then and mine be yours,” you vow
as the moon whispers delicately of love.

Salt Lake City 29 Jun 2022

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