This for you, beloved,
only and ever for you
who are in word and deed
and oh so much more
a blessed source of
limitless inspiration,
compelling in complex
simplicity this simplest
me to be in ways untold
in days as yet unimagined,
in time made possible
and gratefully realized
in you and only you,
who are quite boundless,
beyond banal definition
and always arching above
amorous accumulations
and man’s petty pursuits.
Undaunted, you rise higher,
you stand firmer than merely
these words untouching tell.
Having bled heavy with
sorrow, you float buoyant
and so indefinably beautiful,
a luscious luminescence of
precious petals tentatively
trailing implausibly radiant
a light reflected from above
from you, my sweet love,
at once source and seeker
descending yet ascending
cascading deftly innocent
hints of all that has been
and all that yet can be

Salt Lake City 12 June 2022

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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