when words fail

These words are my life-long labor—
my most finely-tempered tools
expressing me in the only way
I have ever truly known myself
to wittingly and willingly be.

And yet there have been times
when even they have failed me,
leaving uningenious me struggling
to freely convey the necessary ideas
of a most needful moment in time.

But not this. No, not with you.

For there too are times when words
are utterly and unashamedly feeble
bleeding over pages balefully aware
that no care, no leveraging can express
what truly needs to be said. To you.

For when your body lay before me
glorious and glowingly golden,
your breasts rising and falling,
your flesh flowering beneath my touch,
your legs spreading timidly beneath me,

the only words that mattered—
the only language most eagerly I
could derive from any aspect of me
was the devotion keenly conceived
along the warmest form of my tongue,

tracing the length of your nether lips,
teasing the hooded hallowed bud
of your delicious hardening clit
as your anxious breath escaped
in quietly toned gasps of pleasure.

When words fail, my beautiful love,
this is how I express my adoration
for you.

Salt Lake City 30 May 2022

Image by “press 👍 and ⭐” from Pixabay

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