at the water’s edge

the trees were silent and still
as i descended to the stream
coursing gently over polished stones
stepping down towards the foot
of the ancient mountain

i knew i had to be here—
it was where i always found peace
whenever the world shook
my faith and discarded hope
for the sake of angry profit

i was alone, but not so
for she was always within me
her voice echoing in my thoughts
her laughter tempting my spirit
to frollick once more in the glen

but now in the warm sunlight
straining down through branches
bowed beneath times birthing
years and tearful only for the want
of most beautiful beloved she

i crouched at the water’s edge
and playful submerged my hand
beneath the surface, my skin
drawing in the immediate warmth,
invigorated by its sweet clarity

i sat for a time, imagining her
as eager and elevated i might strain
to calmly remove her clothing
piece by careful piece, the scent
of her arousing my blushing flesh

in my thoughts she lay beside me
her breath beckoning my lips
to brush hers as my hands explored
her skin, glorying in the enticing
contours of her exquisite beauty

urged on, i would trace my tongue
down around her breasts,
teasing them, pleasing as well as
i may my lover’s grateful need
while breeding hope once more

until at last resting between her legs
i might taste the very core of her,
as heart and soul and flesh fell together
unfettered and fully formed, adoring
each moment when love could cry

yes and yes, in honest tones

salt lake city 14 may 2022

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