The enormity of words
is so oft forgotten, he said,
buried beneath the banalities
of an unremarkable life,
and yet it is through speech
through voice, that I find
an incomparable strength
an unimaginable vitality
in the simplest acts of being.

I have listened to you
with the utmost attention,
to your sweetly spoken and
every whispered word, and
I know that you doubt this,
but there is in your voice
a truth that reaches deeply
inside this me and caresses
my depleted soul back to life.

Your words impress patterns
on a moment unexpected.
My words beggar disbelief,
I know, as no one could possibly
accept their veracity, so swiftly
felt and so zealously conveyed.
And yet they are the truth,
so I offer them to you without
any expectation of return.

Rather I say them now
so that you may know
how wonderful you are:

I love you. And I hope
that some wondrous day
you may feel the same.

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