just one word

with just one word, you
so truly now undo me
unraveling simply
my rapturous needs
to happy reveal a heart
of fervently beating
and pulsing measures
treasuring the very
ardent sound of you,
moaning my earnest soul
as if you had forever
known thus keenly me

with just one word, you
cajole my trembling lips
to linger honeyed over
the sweetest taste of you
opening, my tongue
exploring the shadows
of your thighs, caressing
perfectly unpatterned you,
who with nothing more
than a single whispered word
can coax my aging flesh
so firmly to rise within you

with just one word, you
trembling with brazen bearing
sharing all of hidden you
caring for naught else
than these my fingers
teasing tensing within you
wetly exploring, adoring
my darling you whose
tremulous voice implores
my needing arms to envelop you
my lips to kiss moistly you
my heart to beat your name

and all because of just one
word that flame like flickers
across my soul, sealing
my heart with honest hope

salt lake city 12 may 2022

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