she passes over the land
step by eager step,
knowing at once
the rhythm of water,
the color of laughter,
the texture of passion

she denies the beauty
i see in her face,
her flesh, her heart,
decries even that so
expansive and perceptive
mind that I esteem

when most heavy fell
the desert of his heart:
his fulsome foul voice,
the frigidity of his betrayal,
the futility of desire—
she founded her life

in abandoning decay
this glorious striving she
discovered the beauty
of scornless being,
the luster of hope,
the magnificence of yes!

to which I undaunted declare:
sing, my love, and be heard
dance and be seen
play and be loved,
and in each moment know
how brilliant you are

this world is yours, beloved:
paint this your canvas
in colors that speak
of mysteries that beguile,
of journeys that transcend,
of passions that manifest!

and in so doing
know that you
are adored.

salt lake city 11 may 2022

Scotland 2022

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