The sincerest rhythms
of this heartful earth—

the flowing rivers searching
for the welcoming embrace
of the distantly rolling sea,

the sweetly delighted dance
of anciently painted leaves
fluttering in every breeze,

the willful wind whipping
through an alluring canyon
cascading mournful melodies—

they speak of more than now:
of how obtrusive time can be
while insensate it imposes
angrily ending after ending.

I do know this to be true
and yet … and yet
there are also beginnings
that revive and enliven the soul.

There are moments in fact
when time trembles inglorious.
For even the great Dagda himself
commanded the sun stay its course

when his life could no longer
find its eternal rhythm without
the passionate touch of sweetly
Boann’s gently coursing heart.

salt lake city 08 may 2022


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