it was first when her eyes I saw
that raw this heart so reelingly
rent did draw together at last

and past the steely gaze of winter,
spring emerged once more
opening a door to timid hope

they are green, I thought, her eyes
and meaningfully companioned
by a forest of sighing trees

their leaves expanding playful
needful, waving gleefully
at eyes that most knowing see

the beauty of the moon,
who blesses this zestful air
I breathe with pleasing joy

but more, much more resides
in those waves of green that truly
beckon forth a once weary heart

the leaves dance in the breeze
and the moon whispers a gentle
tune while stars caress the night

and at that moment, that gentle
moment, my thoughts ascend
excitedly to this she who flies afar

even as I emboldened imagine
just how soft, how warm would be
the touch of her loving lips

salt lake city 06 May 2022

5 thoughts on “hope

    • Oh David, thank you so much. You have such a kind and caring heart. Thank you. Being back has been a challenge, but I am trying to adjust. And get back on my feet. Finally feeling up to writing again. As soon as I get more settled, I can do what I have sorely missed and start reading writings from you and several others. I can’t wait to see what new experiments you have been up to, my dear friend.


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