do you remember

a million years ago and more
we two danced together
under the plaintive Pleiades,
who were still prancing
their escape from Orion

do you remember me?

it was perfectly unpatterned
the most unique moment
and one I would repeat
again and again and so
forever in my aching heart

no parting could this memory stain

the rain was lightly falling
and your hand trembled
when first I brought it
to my hungry lips lingering
over your moistening palm

as the sisters smiled on and on

I could barely even imagine
the touch of your own lips
fearful yet hopeful me,
and so I pulled you under
the finest feathered tree

and the moon grinned down

your breath caught at the
first beat of the tune
that was playing through
my thoughts and I wondered
how you could hear it too

while rain turned to mist in your hair

caring and closer you came
craving curiously near
to a fearing flight from the
life you had crying known
although not I could you release

for freedom only comes from you

but I did not know, never knew
how true this being you
would someday her wings
widespread the Pleiades pleading
a new life seek unheeding

do you remember me now?

do you remember my touch
and how muchly mournful
the rain was pouring beneath
a moon all too unloved while
the sisters returned to their dance

İstanbul 29 December 2021

and his tears fell, and his tears fell

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