There are memories born in the stars,
moments that melt even angry Mars’
coldly stiffening heart with the heatedly
hardening resolve of a tempered soul.

Somewhere just beyond baleful Venus
revolves a starry cluster of most hungrily
galaxy clutching spirits sharply spinning
around such a fiery burning immensity.

And there was she born—my phoenix—
insatiably tasting the heavens themselves
as wings expanding she flew forth
soaring nobly needfully down to earth.

Where I awaited her, plaiting pretty
strands of silk a nest to hopeful construct
for no other reason than that she might
pause a time beneath this fullest moon,

and allow me a moment somewhere
between Mars and Venus to breathing
please her, pet her, and a memory evoke
of the fire that she has ignited in my heart.

İstanbul 19 December 2021


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