the author

her voice majestic
mouthing mysteries
is nothing less than

it teases my soul
tracing timidly timbers
that constitute a forest
perfectly pristine

marbled minutiae
trembling titter truths
that my hungry thoughts
insatiable engulf

but most of all I yes
must leafing admit
that listening to her
draws forth my soul

in honestly offered
tones of reverence

İstanbul 16 December 2021


6 thoughts on “the author

  1. G, it’s marvellous to be smitten, and you write being smitten so beautifully. It’s wonderful how creative muse can tickle those soul fibres, ain’t it though? Yea that you write on so, that we may joyous be smitten alongside your poetry. Spring in winter: you’ve done it bro. 🙌 🎉🤗🌷


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