only you

There is not in this world a place
nor a time defined by the needs of others
that can guide these limbs, these notions
forward quite so remarkably
as does the merest thought of you.

In my deepest heart I cradle yet
every memory of you, so bold
and beautiful beyond any words
that even I could evoke to assist me,
for you are nothing short of exquisite.

I have treasured your playful voice
teasing and taunting me to debate,
your voracious mind consuming
knowledge in a manner undaunted,
daring arrogant truth itself to concede.

Your laughter illuminated the dark
daring me to be more than me, as you
filled the room with such vibrancy
that I had never witnessed before
no matter how far I have traveled.

But at this moment, this bare time
of mine, as the craven cold creeps
into my bones and the sun descends
wearily once more—at this time
what I miss most about my love, you

is the boundless power of your touch
to hold back the darkening tide
and bid mighty Ra himself return
across the heavens with a warmth
that only you could ever command.

İstanbul 21 November 2021

10 thoughts on “only you

    • Thank you so much, dear. And I absolutely agree. There is something quite special about this experience of ours–the playfulness, the discovery, even the anguish. I think it all provides us with a sense of divinity all around.

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      • It has definitely helped me realize things I likely would not have realized otherwise! I love your blog by the way… and your way in general. It’s lovely.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you, Lia. I think you and I have known each other through our writings for a fair while now here, and I am as ever grateful for that and for allowing me to read your posts.


      • Reading is par for the course with blogging, eh. :)) I’m definitely grateful for the feeling of connection with other writers. Super happy to have gotten to know you a little through your words!

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