without making a sound

this greyly patterned prayerful sky
pendulous above the shadowed trees
pleases me this morning, to be sure

it seeps life and care even while
it baleful stares soulful and sage
across this yet tumultuous land

and i muddy-headed and alone
mourn the passing of time as these
tremulous whispers wire my heart

however long the days, the years
imperious proceed, i unmanfully
remain, as every leaf, lie, star falls

without making a sound

13 thoughts on “without making a sound

  1. It is possible I have read this piece, oh.. I don’t know, four or five hundred thousand times… and still cannot get enough of the exquisite piercing dull aching mood of it. .. ‘tremulous whispers wire my heart’, I want to scream and cry and be silent as trees before this single line, let alone the rest.

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    • Cheers, Jay. I really appreciate that. It seems you’ve been a bit quiet on the poetry front. I love what you do, but I imagine you’ve been spending more time with your art lately, which is excellent. I loved Subliminal Light, and Fluid Sky in St Petersburg made me want to compose a verse about colors dripping from the sky. Beautiful stuff, Jay.

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