Tracing Thoughts

love, what would you say
is the color of laughter
the scent of sweet hope
the sound of deepest green

thoughts become verdant
and fertile and clear and
christened true by your
most empathic touch, dear

rivers sing polished stones
of time heartfully humbled
by the much vitalizing voice
of you so undiminished

while I climbing cling as bark
to the flesh of you rising
earth enchanted fibrous
and feral yet wisely oaken

striving soulful for heights
that I most numbly naïve
could not dare to conceive
yet the barest existence of

whisper-bless these hands
please, grasping at oily colors
capturing a likeness of you
on roughly textured paper

yet knowing, ever assured
that the finest truth of you
can no similitude enthrall
being all in every moment

could I but endeavor being
clever and capaciously old
a monument to your eyes
in ebony marble to construct

then surely would enchanted
the sun itself its sphere depart
and dipping delighted down
genuflect before beloved you

27 thoughts on “Tracing Thoughts

  1. It dispersed the morning light to read and follow this voice. Took some time.
    A thoughtful remedy for my heart. This particular line sings “to the flesh of you rising”
    As usual, Loved it, George.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are so kind, Robyn. I have written and spoken and shared many things over the years. But there is something truly remarkable about composing with a heart that chants in loving verse. I haven’t really known this ME before, this me in love. But now that I have found this inspiration, I feel compelled to sing and sing again.


    • Always a pleasure. I just had to jump over and see what you have been sharing. Very fine indeed. Verses I will enjoy exploring.


  2. Such a beautiful blog and your poetry absolutely sends me! I am excited to follow and enjoy all your sharings here. Thank you! ~Gina


    • Thank you indeed, Gina. I am very glad to share these verses with you. And have quite enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing the diversity of illuminating posts you have shared.


    • Thank you very much, Soma. This is really very kind of you to say. I quite like reading a verse I have composed being described as a rainbow, particularly as I am quite fond of colors. And of poetic allusions to colors and textures and tastes. That’s my kind of poetry, I guess.


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