the damage

I laugh well and often enough,
sounds of mirth rising richly
from the core of my soul.

My smile is neither timid
nor falsely conveyed,
however disbelieving you may be.

I rise every morning, dress,
sip my tea with honest pleasure,
and kiss my children goodbye.

I step into the world each day
intent on carrying concealed
my angry burdens as my own.

But they are there, as are yours,
and wholly formed, albeit raw
as a fresh wound at times.

You may not see it on my skin,
but that may only be because
the damage takes time to show.

Watching another spring snowfall in Salt Lake City (15 Apr 2021)

16 thoughts on “the damage

  1. I love this, and the picture is beautiful with it. But

    “My smile is neither timid
    nor falsely conveyed,
    however disbelieving you may be.”

    It makes me wonder who you speak to, who would have thought this. Not me, certainly, and likely not the others here reading/commenting. Honesty is one of the most dominant themes I perceive in your work.

    Anyway, it’s lovely. 💛

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    • No, thankfully, it is no one here in our WP community, where I feel perhaps more accepted and appreciated than just about anywhere else. Especially reading your so kind response, my dear Lia. Thank you so much for being ever supportive.

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      • Ah. Ok. Well that is both good and bad, and I also can relate to it. But those few people IRL that think it’s fake, can go suck it. 😆


      • It’s a shame that WP only allows the minimal positive response as “like”. Rather than me going on and on, I had hoped to simply respond to what you just wrote with “LOVE IT!”

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      • Aw phew!! 😅 I was just thinking how I’m always putting my digital foot in my mouth. Thanks for putting me at ease G. 😂👍🤓👯‍♂️💛

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      • My pleasure. And in my experience, I have yet to see you put even a single toe of your digital foot in your mouth. We’re good, dear. I always appreciate what you share with me.

        Liked by 1 person

      • 😃 “even a single toe of your digital foot” – adore this. 😆🥰 Thanks G. 🤗🙏 Cheers, and have a lovely afternoon and eve. :))

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