New Audiobook: Dark Capital

Very happy to share with you my newest audiobook performance: Dark Capital by Helen Susan Swift. This is the third in a series of supernatural tales from Helen, this one set in 1820s Edinburgh and moving between the Old and New towns, as Dr. Martin Elliot struggles with his own will–and his sanity–when an old staff he finds in his new home in the capital of Scotland seems to imbue him with supernatural powers … and a lust for cruelty.

I had a lot of fun narrating this tale, set in a city I dearly love, full of dark wynds and hidden closes and phantoms from a murky and sinister past. I hope you’ll give it a listen. Available at Audible at

And if you’d like, here is a brief sample to listen to:

7 thoughts on “New Audiobook: Dark Capital

    • With a name as beautifully Scottish as Mairi–one of my favorite names–Mairi McLean, I would be surprised if you were anything but Scottish. As for me, growing up in America to mixed German and Scottish parents, I never quite sound right in any accent I do, and I switch accents a fair bit living here. In fact the last American author I auditioned for to produce his audiobook turned me down. Said I didn’t sound American enough. I think Scottish and English authors are more forgiving when they hire me, probably because they know that most of the listeners who will buy their audiobooks are Americans who won’t necessarily be bothered by my quirks. I just love playing with voices and telling a good story. I’ve never actually recorded an audiobook in my own voice.

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