168 Cafes

A wee chat with my son, Cooper, this morning:

George: Can’t wait to travel again. See another country.

Cooper: My friend has been to a lot of countries.

G: Really? Well, you have been to two countries.

C: Scotland?

G: No, you haven’t been to Scotland yet, but you’ve been here and…?

C: England?

No, you’ve been here in America and in Mexico.

Well, my friend has been in five countries.

Five? Wow, where has he been?

He’s been in Scotland and America and England and here and America.

I see, quite a traveler.

Yeah, and … and he is from a different planet.

A different planet?!

Yes. Far far away.

How far?

So far! It takes 168 cafes to get there.

That’s a lot of cafes.


Do you have to eat the whole way?

Yeah. But it’s so good!

  • Cooper, lying on a dresser, as he tells his stories.

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