need to know

the greying sky denies me
the simplest solace of Sol’s
supremely blueing warmth

is it really so much to ask
that any task I perform now
be held relevant to another?

these hands lumberous lean
over keys that creak in aging
mechanical certainty

tap tap tapping, eyelids
snapping open, hideously
heavy with persistent weariness

but I still see truly you and
there is me clinging to hope
of happiness ever beside you

yet I am tired and so easily
broken now as I bending bow
to the spirit of worldly wonder

I don’t want to go, not yet,
but need quite simply to know
that even still, I do matter

6 thoughts on “need to know

    • Cheers, Jay. Something was hounding me with this one. Something about age. And death. And the sounds of time and age and cracking, creaking. And not wanting to go. Obsessive thinking on my part, I think. I’m glad you liked it.


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