It’s going to be magic

I must have been falling asleep
right there in the chair
as my weans continued to play
as passionately as they do
at that so delightful age.

“You know,” my 4-year-old son
said in response to something
from my wee girl that I hadn’t heard.
“It’s just that Daddy’s a bit old
and broken. Like his car.”

My boy fiddled and fudged
with a piece of paper
creating God only knows what,
so of course I had to ask,
“What are you doing there, lad?”

He stopped what he was doing
just for a moment, it seemed,
just long enough to glance
reassuringly at me in the mirror
with that oh so charming smile of his.

“Don’t worry,” he said,
“it’s going to be magic.”

Cooper, my wee clever man

12 thoughts on “It’s going to be magic

      • It’s funny, David, I was just looking for a way to send you a photo of all three of them–something a proud father would do–only to discover that these WP replies don’t allow for attaching images. I’ll have to compose another post to show all three of the my lovely little demons.


    • You’re not that close to the big grandparenting stage of life, are you, Jay? I wish I could experience that, although there are times I doubt I’ll be around that long. But who knows? My father, George, is a great grandfather now, thanks to my brother and his progeny. It’s just that I started fatherhood a bit late.

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      • I’m 57. Same generation. And while I don’t recall having done this, my mum used to remind me that I had once said–probably around age 25–that I would not be having any kids. … Doesn’t sound like me, but then at 25 I was a bit of a numpty. Now I couldn’t image life without them. … Although occasionally I do fantasize. (Oh, George, that is terrible!)

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