Inbhir Nis (“Inverness”)

we did nae see the monster
but of course, we were nae expecting to

Loch Ness was simply a site
we had tae see, monster or no

we wandered the kirkyard of St Stephen’s
crying names frae centuries past

peering through cracks in the stanes
tracing fingers along the Celtic crosses

we indulged in the increasingly traditional fare
of pizza an’ the best Indian food we’d ever had

an’ of course we rode aroon the loch
an’ visited cairns an’ castles grand

the sun did nae appear oft, no much
an’ e’en that was tae be expected

aye, the chill was there to tame us
an’ the road north to John o’ Groats beckoned

but for a few days I could wish for
nothing more than the roads of Inverness

an’ the certain knowledge that
whate’er else besides might await me

I was home again at last in Scotland
an’ the Highlands were ey mine

18 thoughts on “Inbhir Nis (“Inverness”)

    • Still waiting for that elusive lustrous moment, mate, when the poor old socially-distancing dear says, “Fine, just take your bloody photos and piss off!” I mean, after all, the last time she fully revealed herself was to St Columba, and that was an utter mess! No wonder she’s shy.

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      • I have to admit, I would love a peek at her as well. And Columba (AD 6th century) led the evangelical missionary movement that helped spread Christianity around Scotland when the Picts were still settled in the Highlands. A bit like St Patrick in a way, in that while Patrick was a missionary from Scotland who traveled to Ireland, Columba was a missionary from Ireland who traveled to Scotland, sometimes called one of the Twelve Irish Apostles. One of the stories of Columba is that he faced off against a great beast in the waters of the River Ness and banished it to the depths.


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