I have wandered beaten paths
and caressed carefully stones
hewn millennia before my birth
to adore gods I never knew

I have willingly surrendered myself
to as many beliefs and hopes
and fears as could account
for the storied life of a man

yet it is with sadly utmost certainty
that I can say, my most honored one
that even the winds know me better
than you, and I still do not like to be


Ages ago when I stood alone before Yazılıkaya (the City of Midas) in Turkey (1992)

3 thoughts on “alone

    • I love how you catch things in my writing that were central to beginning the composition, David. I was listening to a song by Kris Drever called Allegory while I was driving, and that one phrase caught my attention and kept repeating in my head: “Even the wind…” And it struck me as so appropriate in my times of loneliness, as I wonder at how it feels to be understood by a stranger even better than by a loved one, perhaps even by a book or a tree. And finally, yes, even the wind knows me better than you do. It is such a lonely feeling, isn’t it, my friend, to not be understood, to not be known. Sorry, there I go again, blethering on, but that is what I was thinking.

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