this is me

I will never believe
that this inglorious me
as you have labelled
is the only me to be,

but choose to seek instead—
however disastrously
however comically—
to define myself!

to create my me
in such colors and tones
as I would most wish
to be seen by you—

speaking hugely in words
and accents as I would
most insistently, most proudly
choose to be heard,

for this is me

this is me

[Inspired by Lia’s ]

I cannot listen to this sing without crying. My thoughts dwelling on my mother and father, and our homelands in Scotland and Germany, and all of the family and ancestors there whom I will never know beyond the reading and imagining. So … here is Scotland’s own Kris Drever and Lau, singing “Ghosts”.


4 thoughts on “this is me

  1. Yay. :)) Lovely “feathered breaths” as Alela Diane might say. Indeed we must all define ourselves, and as positively as possible if we want any good of it. Then let our actions follow our self-definitions. A tall order but doable in small steps I suppose. (Just musing aloud here really; your poem got me thinking back on my own spiral paths once again. :)) Thanks George for linking. I appreciate your kind view as always. :))

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    • Exactly, Lia, doable in steps. Not easily done, but important. Even crucial, I would argue. Spiral paths–yes, yes that’s what they are. The linear quality of life is quite illusory. Thank you, Lia, for inspiring and sharing.

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  2. this music is magical George, gave me chicken skin! lovely and touching poetry , i love your opening stanza “that this inglorious me” …”is the only me to be” . life is strange when grief sets in. I too reminisce on loved ones lost often and missed dearly. today marks 25 years old for my son and oddly 25 years gone for my beloved Aunt Nancy. these wonderful memories we hold dear. be well my friend and hold those memories tight.

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