sweetest memories

Is this really how infernal you
would choose to be remembered—
with the chill shadow of regret
shrouding the hearts of those
you bitterly leave behind?

Make more of this, you fool,
more of you and we who dare
to believe in the you that was
before sorrowing you chose
to admonish the world.

How much better would it be
to bring tenderest smiles
to the lips of loved ones
in your eternal absence,
loving you as they did.

How much better would it be
that they grieve the least
your terrible passing,
than celebrate so much more
their sweetest memories of you.

Infernal fool that I am.

6 thoughts on “sweetest memories

    • Cheers, David. I must say, as I read it again, this must have been forming in me ever since you and I began exchanging those comments about parents and loss and how we live thereafter. And I really do not want those I leave behind to sorrow for me. But to think of me happily. And you know, mate, with these recent years of loss and of the increasing pain of aging, whinging now and then and grimacing here and there, I honestly don’t think I have done such a good job of that.

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  1. I think that glorious porch swing, a bit of sun and a nice cool drink, plus the lens of your lady love is just the perfect remedy for all this. You are hard on yourself George, which all of us should be at times, but being hard on ourselves can often be extra hard on those around us too. When we love ourselves, we emit kindness to others as well, regardless of their trials and their understandable and passing moods. This was a hard poem to take in, but the photo made it loving. Keep being awesome, and enjoy what life has brought you partly through your own loving actions, though you don’t need me to tell you that. :)) xoxo 🥂

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    • “Being hard on ourselves can often be extra hard on those around us too. When we love ourselves, we emit kindness to others as well.” Exactly, Lia. Well said. And thank you always for your kind and quite insightful responses. … And I guess, add to this what I just wrote in my other response to you. Funny, it’s like these two poems had come together today. … And I have no idea what emoji this feeling would best be represented by. Bugger. Maybe I’ll need to make my own little emojis.

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