21 thoughts on “Slàinte mhath!

    • Cheers, David. It’s not often I get to wear my kilts anymore. Burns Night is a recognizably valid time to get out the old kilt and get a bit tarted up. Of course, it’s also a time for haggis–highlighted by reciting Burns’ own “Address to a Haggis”–but I am quite unashamedly not a fan of haggis. [I’m going to get shivved for that one.]

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      • Just to be clear, the heart-eyes were at this end, from looking at this photo. 😉 (I thought it sounded a bit more restrained than gushing about your obvious handsomeness. 🤓🙏 )

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      • Lia, you are an absolute dear! Here I thought you were using the phrase as a description of how my eyes seemed to hold within them an ability to share love. Which I found touching. Honestly, at my age, I am perhaps even more touched by someone–even in gest–referring to my “obvious handsomeness.” You have absolutely made my day, Lia. Thank you.


      • George, I assure you I am not jesting about this… at all. Like a pretty lady up above said (quite perfectly really): Gorgeous.
        Own it! 🕺💘😍🙌

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      • p.s. I was emoji-laughing at the “ever-so-delicately” part, I thought you were teasing… and btw (I just noticed) there are some sometimes-childlike and hurting-inside people around WP, doing suprising things with pas of poetry… possibly fighting their own demons (like me). You’re among the absolute best of the romantic poets, as anyone can read (and I have read a heck of a lot), and being good-looking makes it all the more annoying (for some). So I imagine you’ll have to put up with a lot of jealousy on account of that… unfortunately. Stay ace, and KOKO, as a friend has once told me. Though I didn’t have to tell you this. 🦾💛


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