am I home?

broken bones so rootfully bore
down, sifting through coldest soil
seeking, longing for any sign of life

mother? are you here?

how long must a soul dangle
above this perilous precipice
before a hand reaches down

mother? am I home?

when the sky melted again
into azure grey I keening cried
not a why or a when or who, but

can i come home now?


4 thoughts on “am I home?

  1. This is amazing to read because I was having such rememberings about my own mom recently. I have felt like this sometimes about it. I wrote a song during that period… your poem though, I love it, the way the words are chosen in the stanzas; the line breaks, and the soulful ending.

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    • Thank you so much, Lia. I have such wonderful, fond memories of her, but yes, sometimes when I try to write about it, the feelings that emerge are darker than I had anticipated. I don’t know, perhaps it has less to do with losing her those years ago than with how old I have been feeling lately. I wonder if your own song came out that way. I am grateful for you sharing so much feedback with me, Lia. It certainly helps to make what is otherwise a fairly anonymous virtual community feel more personal and caring. Thank you.

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      • It’s the same for me!! I wrote one yesterday while feeling really fondly, but the words that came out were so morbid (not like yours here)!! Funny that maybe is a common phenomenon. The song on the other hand… that is something I feel really positive about. I long to share it on my blog but I feel really shy about my guitar playing which is mediocre at best and also the recording quality.

        Thanks so much for the kind words… I agree about the issues with the whole virtual community thing and yes it’s nice to interact. That’s the reason I started blogging really (especially on a different blog before this one — but funnily enough this
        one is where I seemed to feel most at home in the end. I love poetry.

        About the feeling of oldness… ha. I sure hear you on that one. It’s the same for me actually. But I always used to say we’re only as old as we choose to feel… (that’s when I was younger though lol)…. and yet hey, sometimes it’s easier and ok to feel old!! For me at least. 😅🤣 (I like to take the lazy way out. :))

        Keep writing your awesome poems and posts… It’s rejuvenating for us all. :)) See you around soon.

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