You’re a poet, I hear?

“And you,” she said,
“you’re a poet, I hear?”
Was she questioning herself
or what she had heard?
“Uh, no, I’m a teacher.”
“Oh.” Disappointment?
“I mean, I do write poetry
from time to time.”
“Oh,” she said again
with less interest.
“I, uh, I studied poetry
back in university,” I mumbled.
“Hmm.” Even less interest.
“Could I get you a drink?”
But she was already fading away
blending in with the rest
of the world that I had
never really felt a part of.
I left then without being seen,
which was how I often
preferred to be, I must admit.
The buses were no longer running
so I walked along Sunset
and down towards Ocean Beach
until I reached my flat.
I crept in quietly
leaving the lights off
and shuffled into the kitchen
where I poured myself
another Hemingway
with fresh grapefruit juice
and sat down at my computer
knowing already quite
how the next pointless verse
would begin.

10 thoughts on “You’re a poet, I hear?

  1. Lovely process/memoir piece… I loved the San Fran/Bay area when I visited there. It’s so hard to step into thinking oneself as “a poet” isn’t it? And easy to step into thinking our verses are pointless. But the poems of a number of people who never thought of themselves as poets have brought so much joy…

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    • Quite true, Lia. I sometimes think it just comes with the territory–I write poetry, so I am doubtful of myself. Or … I am doubtful of myself, so I write poetry. And the writing becomes a means of processing what is happening within me, of finding courage to be expressive, regardless of the outcome. Just for the sake of expressing.

      I miss San Francisco. I was already 19 years old when I moved there, and yet I feel like that is where I really grew up.

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