12 thoughts on “A little crochet

  1. OMG! This is so cool. Gorgeous colours too… My youngest two boys were very eager to knit when they saw me do it, and I did teach them… at first they were very enthusiastic but now it’s fizzled out a bit. To think… that this is what could possibly come of it… !! wow… your mum must have been so proud!! Beautiful blanket.

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    • I hope it stays with your lads. I’ve gone years at a time without, but then something happens, and suddenly I drag it all out again and sit crocheting away while listening to music or a movie. Therapeutic. I was trying to style this one after a Turkish carpet, accept that I’m not yet near completing the image I have of it in my mind, and yet it is already long enough to suffice as a comfy throw. Planning is apparently not my strong suit.

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      • That is super creative. My mom used to only crochet, never knit, and she too was very whimsical and creative with it. But I watched my grandmother knit and then always wanted to click two needles together, haha, it skipped a generation. :)) Maybe the boys will prefer crochet… though I would have to relearn it to teach them… Anyway, enjoy. Looks great already. :))

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