thank you



a moment more

now, breathe and…

once more to speak
but more humbly
than before if only
because they deserve
this moment to themselves.

Poe and Cummings,
Yeats and Wordsworth,
Shakespeare and Shelley,
Whitman and Williams,
and on and on and yet…

this one is not for them
but for you here now
for all of you who have
so unknowingly inspired
my thoughts, my writing…

I thank you all

for giving new life

to my


[to all of you wonderful poets here on WP]

9 thoughts on “thank you

  1. You really have a way with words that is thrilling… in such a good way. That opening, then the listing of the poets’ names is breathtaking! Followed by a very kind ending as well. So grateful to read your poems.


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