prensesim (“my princess”)

I know I shared this one only recently, but wanted a chance to record it as well for any who might have wished to hear how this sounds in Turkish:

yüreğimin sonsuz amiri
yıldızların parlayan şiiri
her renginin mükemmelliği
bütün soruların en doğru cevabı

inan, sana yüreğimi
sonsuza dek veririm
öldüğümünden sonra da
durmadan veririm sana

göklerin güzelliği
senden akar bir nehir gibi,
kayığımın içinde geziyorum
hep seni beklerken

my princess,
eternal master of my heart
shining poem of the stars
perfection of every color
truest answer to all questions

my princess,
believe, to you I give
my heart forever
and even after I die
ceaselessly I give it to you

my princess,
the beauty of the heavens
flows from you like a river,
and within my boat I journey
waiting ever for you

[Feel a need to apologize, just in case–it has been quite a while since I’ve written anything at all in Turkish, let alone a poem. So if I have made shameful mistakes, please forgive me.]

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