I am so weary of the pain,
exhausted by the all too
evident progress of decay
that encompasses this
bitterly physical life.

The very sensual being
that I had once reveled in
has betrayed me, left me
to rot on jagged angry
and most sullied stones.

There are nights when
cringing in injury
I crawl into bed and beg
the gods for something
like a decent rest.

They laugh at me,
but then of course they do,
so true is the course of life
that pleasure must inevitably
give way to the inescapable.

I close my eyes and breathe,
and breathe again, listening
to patterns of pathetic
failure, organic structures
struggling to find peace.


8 thoughts on “pain

    • Oh, David, in this verse I was trying to describe the physical pain of it all–the aging, yes, but also the effects of my Crohn’s Disease, a chronic condition in which my immune system goes a bit nuts and attacks healthy cells in the digestive tract. Can be very painful indeed. I hate it. But there are times, I must admit, when I hate the aging even more and the debilitating feeling of decay and weakness, especially now when I want so much to be strong and capable and clever enough to care for my family. They deserve better than I could give them, mate.


  1. I am sorry if you are suffering physical pain and if this the case, I hope you have some relief.
    There are many kinds of pain, apart from the physical, there is mental and emotional pain. I think everyone suffers in some way however, I am beginning to find that acceptance brings a way of release, when we resist, the pain continues.
    God Bless x


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