Dancing Coyote

I don’t believe I have taken the time to publicly promote John Coyote’s writing. His style is so wonderfully personal, anecdotes that convey such a strong, yet gentle feeling for the time and place and memories he shares. True, part of my delight in reading John’s works is how well he evokes in me memories of my time in Salinas, California, just inland from Monterey Bay–all the years I spent in Monterey and Carmel and Seaside, strolling along the beach, playing in Santa Cruz. But even if you’ve never been there, I urge you to read John’s writings. Here is just one beautiful piece from Dancing Coyote:



10 thoughts on “Dancing Coyote

    • Small world, Michelle. You could say Ft. Ord was the real reason I was born and raised in California rather than Germany or Scotland. My father was adopted by the American Ellington family, who had been stationed in Germany after the war. His American father was thereafter transferred to Ft. Ord, and it was in Salinas that my father met my mum.

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      • Oh that’s funny because I was born in Germany because my dad was stationed there and then I was raised in California because that’s where my parents were originally from. I was living in Virginia at the time I enlisted in the Army, and of course they just had to send me back near the place where I grew up. I signed up for adventure and never quite got the one I was looking for. I really wanted to be sent to Germany. Lol. I can’t believe how small this world really is sometimes.


      • Virginia? What am I saying–of course Virginia! World keeps getting smaller. Virginia is where the Ellingtons lived–where they still live. In Culpeper. Where were you born in Germany? My father is from Bamberg, and that’s where he met the Ellingtons, at the American base there.

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      • It really does look like such a beautiful place. I only wish I could remember it! And who knows… maybe we are! Lol… I’ve never seen pictures of Bamberg, I’ll have to look it up.


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