in fallacy born

In fallacy born is mankind unfettered
falsely purveying delusions of love
Addicted to hate, a mind so unlettered
naively awaiting a light from above

How strives he for glory, impertinent fool
couldn’t be buggered by this or by that
Gladly surrenders himself as a tool
to a soldier, a merchant, an infantile prat

Unbalanced, unhinged, he cries in his cups
laments his unbearably impotent wrath
He gorges himself, unrestrainedly sups
while drowning his shame in a semeny bath

How dare you imbibe such absurdities still
promoting your grandiose scheme of the me
Refusing to exercise aught of your will
to strive for a truth that any could see

Lay down in this bed then your greed has thus made
caressing the lucre, the filth, the decay
Wallow in blood, in the death that was paid
by the willful inanities proudly you bray

And yet, dare I say, it is still not too late
to escape the dark fate you nearly have sealed
Step back from this precipice, lock up the gate
that leads to a doom your own wit has revealed

Surrender the bombs you too fondly ignite
embark on a journey of peaceful entente
Open your mind, imagination take flight
let kindness and balance and truth be your want

Impart to this world a grace that is new
while holding yourself to a higher resolve
Open your heart to much more than the few
their unwanted deeds do you firmly absolve


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