forgive me

Forgive me, my love
for being thus oblivious
so sadly much of the time
when you are very astute,
but in my feeble defence
I would have you know this:

There is something about you
something, I’m not quite sure
how to describe but…
alluring, enchanting
overwhelming even at times,
for how else could I explain:

Walking into a room
without noticing how the walls
have been painted over
or the furniture moved around,
except that when I entered
there you were:

And in seeing you it is as if
nothing else matters anymore,
and all I am aware of
is the beauty of your eyes
and the mischievous inviting curl
of your most lustrous lips.

8 thoughts on “forgive me

  1. Wonderful words as always and such a great picture of the two of you. You’re both like two peas in a pod. And she sounds like the loveliest creature one could ever know by the way you often describe her. May the both of you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🥳 🎄🎁


    • I wish I could offer you hope of things to come, of a perfect love and all of the other romantic ideas that we sometimes find ourselves sharing. But what I truly wish for you, with the little I have learned about you, is that this world treat you better than it has. You deserved none of that. May this world learn how to respect you better, and love you for you. And if someone does offer you kindness, beauty, and love someday–then that would be fecking brilliant! I am sure you do deserve that.


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