to be loved

I have never seen beauty
that glows so richly across skin
like waves of pure light
gossamer glimmering
adorning her face

I have never known warmth
linger so longingly
long after her touch has fled
yet still I feel she is there
always, always there

I have never heard a voice so richly
vibrantly singing songs
like mystical muses
inspiring my own hope
to share in her hymns

I have never wanted more
to be loved than when I spy
that glistening eye falling
deftly gently on my face
in the setting sun

3 thoughts on “to be loved

    • From your About Me description, it sounds like you have experienced a life beyond anything I have ever known. Love–no love–you know life. And death. And you do a fantastic job of sharing your thoughts and feelings with others through your writing. That is in itself a remarkable connection. Thank you.


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