Storm the Castle audiobook

Very happy to share with you my newest audiobook and my first romance novel, Storm the Castle, by the very talented author Jolie Vines. This is the first in a series of romance books she has written set in Scotland. Storm the Castle was a fun challenge for me, dialect switching between a male Scottish lead, Callum, and his love interest, Mathilda, a woman from England. It’s a lovely story. If you’d like a code to download from Audible for free, let me know.

Click on the cover to visit Audible and listen to a sample from the audiobook

3 thoughts on “Storm the Castle audiobook

  1. Hmmm… for some reason I couldn’t listen to a sample, but that’s awesome that you were able to narrate this! I don’t have audible, so maybe that’s why it wouldn’t let me listen?


    • Thank you, Michelle. That is strange though. You shouldn’t need to be a member of Audible to listen to the sample, I don’t think. I can always email you a sample if you’d like. It’s a shame these are only available on Audible. I wish they were more widely available. I quite like recording these books.

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      • That would be great if you could. My email is listed if you click on my Gravatar. I’ve been considering getting audible for quite sometime now. I’d likely get more books read (listened to) that way. 😉 I had no idea you were a narrator. One of my daughters has been trying out for voice acting jobs recently and she finally got her first part. It’s hardly the same thing as what you do, but it’s exciting that she may just pursue a career by using her voice. She’s really quite good at impersonations and she gets me laughing so much when she does them.

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